Saturday, 30 November 2013

Welcome Message from Ausmican

Ausmican - A noun.  It's origin is nothing more complicated than an Australian man meeting an American girl, falling in love.  Their lives became one - otherwise, known as Aus(tralian)(A)m(er)ican or Ausmican.  The Australian is Darrell and the American is Chelsea.  Welcome to our blog.

Yes, that's a picture of us below - cute right?  As you can see, we are #thunderstruck


Ausmican - A blog.  It's origin followed after was created by Chelsea some 6 months ago.  Ameriaus has a distinct flavour - food.  Our other passion is all things storm related and this provided inspiration to take pictures and post to a new Instagram account, Ausmican.  All just a bit of fun until storm season began - now, it's serious.  Very serious business.  It was time to create a blog dedicated to all things storm and weather related -

It all started with this storm picture below of which was captured from the 20th floor of where the Australian half of Ausmican works, in the heart of Brisbane city.

This is just the beginning.  Hope you enjoy.  


  1. Nice lil blog ;)

  2. Hi Lynn - thanks for the comment and for checking Ausmican out ;)